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High accurate Forex Signals

Why do we use Forex signals? Forex market has a huge potential to make good profits. The only condition is to invest with a right and well-researched strategy. Nor every trader has time to watch the market round the clock but neither every trader has necessary abilities to understand and compare the market information. Here comes the role of Forex signals that saves traders with timely and accurate indicators. Forex signals is an important investment tool that helps traders in making wise investment decisions . These signals contain raw data and insights about the market so that you can choose your trades while minimizing the risks.          

More than 5200 pips profit in 2016 and more than 7500 pips profit in 2015!

Our company was founded in the year 2011 by the small group of traders specialized on trust management on FOREX and Stock Exchange. Now more than 10 traders and analytics are working together for the best results. We are constantly improving our trading quality for the sake of your and our profit.

Now we can offer you

high quality trading signals

on the major FOREX currency couples: EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Our average monthly profit with

daily signals

is 400-600 pips,
though in some months it reaches 1000 pips!

Currency couple: EUR/USD and GBP/USD
Average monthly profit: 400-600 points (up to 1000)
Time of signals: every business day at 07:00 GMT
Signals type: only pending orders
Signals receiving: E-mail and Members area
Price: $99 per month

Main levels for different currency couples are listed below:

Currency couple

Take Profit

Stop Loss

EUR/USD 30-100 pips 30-40 pips
GBP/USD 40-100 pips 40-50 pips

Every signal have clear Entry, Stop Loss and Target levels. For example:

GBP/USD buy stop at 1.5130;

Take Profit

at 1.5180; SL at 1.5090

The cost of monthly subscription only $99 per month

Why are Forex signals necessary?